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. welcome to our viewers around the world. has the cnn special report on the ongoing crisis in japan. i'm don lemon. >> hello. over the next hour, an indepth look at the unbelievable tragedy that unfolded in japan in recent weeks, from the first tremors to a crushing tsunami, to the brink of a nuclear meltdown. >> and also the latest fallout from japan's nuclear disabled plant, and radiation exposure to the public and food supply. >> but first we have a disturbing story developing out of libya. >> there's video of an hysterical woman bursting into a tripoli hotel filled with journalists. her name is iman and she is screaming a horrifying story accusing 15 members of the militia of raping and beating her over a two-day movement. >> they moved to shut her up. all the while dragging her away from uncertain fate. they smashed cameras, including ours, trying to destroy the evidence. we did get this video of it. let's get to nick robertson who is staying at that hotel for more. >> reporter: the lady came into the hotel this morning. she was screaming. she was a middle aged woman. she seemed f
worldline. >>> the nuclear and safety agency here in japan said on a news conference on saturday morning said they detected nuclear levels considerably higher than yesterday. >> translator: according to typical sea water analysis, iodine levels at the facility of the south discharge outlet of the fukushima daiichi power plant which was 126 times the controlled limit yesterday, later rose to 140 times, and today was at 1,250.8 times the control limit. this figure means that if you drink 500 milliliters of such water, you would get a dose of one millisievert which is an average dose limit for adults. >> the situation at the fukushima daiichi plant remains serious. tokyo electric power company has had to change its strategy to restore cooling systems at the plant due to high radiation levels at the site. reactors one through four all lost their cooling capabilities when external and backup power supplies failed after the quake and tsunami. tepco has been working to restore external power while trying to cool the reactors. the three workers were exposed to highly radioactive water in
story in japan, the new threat that is escalating the crisis at a nuclear plant. >>> plus a judge comes down hard on a driver responsible for this horrific crash. the courtroom drama next. 22 >>> it's a heartbreaking story. 3-month-old sarah uraqway was run over and killed by her mother's car in prince george's county this morning. sarah's 3-year-old brother and mother were also hurt in the freak accident on mont peel ya drive and laurel. the mother pulled -- montpelier drive and laurel. the mother pulled the car in the driveway and forgot to put it in park and the car rolled over the child. >>> four children lost their mother when a driver who was on drugs slammed into their car in southeast d.c. last year. today the judge hit that driver with a 20 year prison sentence which is unusually long for manslaughter cases. fox 5's john henrehan reports. >> reporter: the crash happened on alabama avenue in southeast washington last april. a mother and her four children were riding in this toyota camry when according to witnesses the driver of a white speeding van crossed over the double yell
in syria. the regime holds the weapons. >>> in japan, concern over radiation levels in the sea water. tests show radiation has spiked in the fukushima daiichi plant. it is not clear where the radiation is coming from. they are trying to figure out if there was a leak at one of the plants damaged by the earthquake two weeks ago. >>> accused cop killer, jamie donald hood is in jail today. he surrendered to police in georgia last night after a long hostage standoff. hood is accused of killing two officers. hood was watching the standoff. negotiators went to communicate with him and he released four hostages during the standoff. four others were freed when hood surrendered. >>> we are still waiting to find out who is america's newest multimillionaire. officials say one ticket bought in albany, new york had all of the numbers. the jackpot is $319 million. >>> now back to libya. two days before president obama talks to the american people about the u.s. role in libya, our sandra endo has the latest. >> reporter: the president is expected to layout the objective in libya. that speech is set for mo
business," two of our best business minds. oil prices skyrocketing, then natural disaster struck japan igniting a nuclear crisis and debate over nuclear energy in this country. there is a great deal of uncertainty about what will fuel the american economy of the future, but the economy of now seems to have taken one step forward and two steps back. >> if gas stays at $3.50, americans will have a lot less to spend on restaurant meals, iphones, new cars. in turn that will mean less goods made here, fewer jobs. we could lose a many as five, six, 700,000 jobs from higher gas prices. >> that's peter morici. this recession was prompted by a housing crisis, a mortgage crisis, but generally speaking most recessions in the united states are prompted by oil prices. christine, are these high oil prices and high gas prices a major threat to our jobs recovery here? >> when peter says if gas prices stay high you're going inform see a second recession in the u.s., but others say wait a second, $3.50 still hurts but you're well off the record highs and you're even not as high as the $4 and $4.15 most
holes? coming up later for you -- exposed to radiation 10,000 times the normal levels, workers at japan's stricken nuclear plant on their way to hospital after yet another set -- set back. and watching the clock. how time zones around the world have turned chronology into a minefield. welcome to the program. syria has become the latest hot spot in the middle east but the ruling elite coming under its biggest challenge in three decades. thousands have demonstrated college -- thousands have demonstrated, calling for more freedom. in deraa, around 20 protesters were shot dead around the statue of the former president's was set alight. demonstrations were broken up by security forces in damascus. meanwhile, the u.n. to get beatrix secretary-general ban ki-moon has announced that syria protect their citizens fundamental rights. both pro and anti-government demonstrators held their largest rallies yet. president saleh said he would step down, but on his own terms. in libya, loud explosions near a city where rebels are fighting forces root -- loyal to colonel gaddafi. the city of misrata remai
in japan coming from those damaged nuclear reactors. trace amounts have now been picked up by air monitors in hawaii as well as stations in california, oregon, washington and colorado. authorities say it poses no threat to health. but in the quake zone in japan, the danger from radiation appears to be growing. nbc's chief science correspondent robert bazell reports. >> obviously things are not contained completely at this time. >> reporter: there are serious new concerns about reactor 3 at the fukushima site, which uses highly toxic plutonium in its fuel mixture. japanese officials now say there is a high possibility that the third reactor's fuel rods are damaged and it is leaking radioactive water from the reactor itself or from the pumping system being used to try to cool it. there are also concerns about high levels of radiation at 1 and 2. japan's prime minister called the situation grave and says it does not allow any optimism yet. the problem at reactor 3 was discovered when workers stepped into water that had 10,000 times the amount of radiation typical for a nuclear plant. two of t
right now on libya. also an apology in japan. after more workers are exposed to potentially deadly levels of radiation. and what's being blamed for this overexposure? a communications error. all this while fears grow that one reactor at that plant could be leaking. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn start morning. hello to you all. glad you could spent some part of your saturday morning with us. i'm t.j. holmes. i do want to start now, though, in japan with the growing concern over radiation levels in the ocean water around that damaged nuclear plant. radiation levels in the air at least seem to be decreasing. paula hancock's live for us in tokyo. hello to up. what are they saying about this possible leak of one of those reaccour reactor cores. that's a key concern right now. >> reporter: absolutely. well, t.j., this was said friday evening local time when they were concerned there could have been a break or rupture within the reactor core as well and this is why the water was 10,000 times the radioactive level than it should have been. but now they're saying
process what the doctors are telling us. >> and this one is from japan. >> reporter: experts say mei le and others don't need to worry right now. ted rowlands, cnn, los angeles. >>> now at the top of the hour, here are the stories we are following for you. the political trailblazer geraldine ferraro has died. she was the first female vice presidential candidate of a major political party. ferraro was 75. >>> rebel forces in libya say they now control an important city close to the oilfield. people celebrated on burned out tanks and damage left by several days of coalition air strikes. the deputy foreign ministry told why troops pulled back. >> the last two days, with the so-called coalition, you call it the crusader. they were at fault for the attack on the libyan forces and the civilians and nearby. the coalition forces was derelict. they were heavily at fault. that is why the libyan armed forces decided to leave libya early this morning. >> president barack obama plans to talk about libya in a televised address monday night. the live coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. >>> on t
. they now control a key city in oil-rich eastern libya. we have a live report straight ahead. in japan, a new concern at a crippled nuclear plant. tests show a big spike in radiation levels in sea water just off shore. we're live in tokyo as well. also nba players, many of them hoping they have a really good game tonight. why? because the money they raise is going to go to the victims in japan. a thousand dollars for every point they score. one of the people taking part, al horford, the atlanta hawks star. he'll be here live to talk about those efforts. >>> but first i want to take you to london where we can show you pictures of a massive protest and march taking place there. the crowd estimated in the tense of thousands protesting billions of dollars in budget cuts. this march was called by trade unions. we have seen some clashes with police there in britain. sco scotland yard's also on the scene. 300,000 public service jobs reportedly will be cut by these austerity measures. civil servants won't be seeing pay raises. we've been watching these pictures for the last hour or so, for the
." >> our top stories -- another day of violence as protest start across the middle east. a setback in japan as officials expect a breach at reactor three. the eu decides on a voluntary safety tactics on all nuclear reactors. >> in syria the government continues with a violent crackdown on opposition protests. people took to the streets of several cities where there are reports at least three were killed by pro-government demonstrators. in the main center of the protests, thousands attended funeral marches for those killed earlier in the week. >> thousands of demonstrators took to the streets after friday prayers. a scene repeated in several syrian cities. this video shows a rally in the capital of damascus, evidence that unrest is spreading. the syrian president pledged political reforms on friday but the protesters dismissed the measures as inadequate. hours later reports said police fired on protesters in the village killing at least 17 people. the aftermath is shown in this video released -- released through facebook. amateur videos posted online provide the only documentation of such ev
there for a live report. >>> tonight there is more talk of evacuations in japan. nuclear fears continue to grow. two weeks after the tsunami hit that country. the breach is now suspected at least in one of the fukushima reactors. radiation levels in water there sfikd 10,000 times of what is normal. three workers were taken out of camp behind the tarp. after their feet were contaminated. they've been taken to a nearby hospital. people living within 18 miles are now being urged to consider evacuating. today death toll from the disaster officially passed the 10,000 mark. thousands of people though are still missing. at the same time, hundreds of families are arriving in the u.s. after being caught in the middle of that disaster. tonight many of the families are back in the bay area, thanks to the help of the travis air force base. jody hernandez was on the base when the evacuees arrived. >> reporter: travis air force base rolled out the welcoming mat to dozens of military families who had been living in japan. all of them are very happy to finally be back on stable ground. >> welcome to california
not abandon also the japan. we have not abandoned them. wherever we have investment ties. it is up to the country to look out and make sure that our investments bring a return. i think the president is a good soldier. he should keep his head up even though people comment that attack him attacked his personality, attacked his demeanor. he's a good soldier and he does not address that. he should keep fighting and holding our red white, and blue flag. host: we're going to continue our discussion on what you think the president ought to say in his address on monday regarding the u.s. involvement in libya. but right now we're going to take a break and talk about what's happening in canada and joining us is david akin, national bureau chief of the ottwa sun to help us understood what's happening. guest: hi. host: on the front page of your paper, tory's lose confidence of the house and the mps off to the races. tell us what's going on. guest: that's the front page in all our papers right across the chain in canada today. kind of an odd thing. we'r
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is preparing his own take on the u.s. role in the war. >>> also this morning, new fears in japan as radiation levels reach stunning new heights, and the air around the damaged nuclear plant is no longer the worry. rather, it's the water. >>> also something we're keeping an eye on right now in great britain. budget cuts are coming at a high cost for british leaders. protesters on the streets this morning clashing with police officers over proposed austerity measures. we'll have the latest from there. again, this is happening right now. from the cnn center, this is your cnn start morning for this march the 26th. i'm t.j. holmes. we do want to start with a new and disturbing incident in tripoli. this happened today. it's a story that maybe highlights the brutality of a regime that so many people are now fighting against. we want to bring in our cnn international correspondent nic robertson with the latest. tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, t.j., it all began this morning over breakfasttime when a lady came into the hotel, a middle aged appeared to be very respectable lady came into the h
in japan. japan's prime minister describes the situation as grave and serious, after another dangerous radiation leak is found at the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant. u.s. navy barges are bringing fresh water to try to head off a meltdown "early" this saturday morning, march 26th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to a gorgeous spring morning in new york city. 20-something degrees. but who cares, it looks nice. >> that's a beautiful picture, russ. >> welcome to "the early show," i'm russ mitchell. >> and i'm rebecca jarvis. we begin with the latest on the battle for libya. rebels have recaptured the key eastern city of ajdabiya. nato takes control of some of the u.s.-led operation in libya in a matter of days and president obama will address the nation on monday night to explain u.s. involvement in libya. we begin our coverage with cbs news correspondent mandy clark, who is in ajdabiya this morning. mandy, good to see you. >> good morning. well, the streets of ajdabiya are relatively quiet at the moment. but it was a different scene earlier this mornin
. >>> good morning. there are new fears in japan right now as radiation levels reach stunning new heights. the air around the damaged nuclear plant is no longer the worry. the water is. also, nato is getting ready to take control of the sky over libya. possibly changing the role for u.s. troops in that region, and president obama is preparing his remarks on the situation there. >>> and running for cover in the middle east. protesters in syria met with a hail of gunfire. is that the next domino to fall? from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn "saturday morning." thank you for spending part of your weekend with us. we do want to start in japan right now where there is growing concerns over radiation levels in the ocean near that damaged nuclear plant, but there is some positive news as well from the fukushima plant. radiation levels in the air seem to be decreasing. cnn's paula hancocks live in tokyo. paula, hello. sounds like good news/bad news. let's start with the bad news. >> reporter: that's right, t.j. well, this is the water in the sea just off the coast of the fuku
in to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami in japan donating $100,000 to the american red cross to help with disaster relief and starting today they're also collecting donations in all stores on behalf of those affected by the japan disaster. and no. 1, the traffic alert to get ready for, a big project starting april 4th. the virginia department of transportation will begin a $48 million effort to repair and resurface i-66 between the beltway and route 50. two of three eastbound lanes will be closed sunday through thursday from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. vdot recommends avoiding that area during those hours and that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> the cherry blossom festival takes on new meaning after the tragic event in japan. we're introducing you to a man who helps keep the japanese culture alive in our area, especially this time of year. >>> as we head to break check this out. a kayaker in florida gets up close and personal with that big old shark. you can seat huge basking shark swimming nearby as -- see the huge basking shark swimming nearby as a bunch of people shouted from the pier. the k
in minutes. >> all right, thank you, jeff. >>> well, after the disaster in japan, hundreds of families find comfort in the bay area. their stories are coming up. >>> and a so-called superbug is sweeping parts of california. we'll let you know where, and wel te'l youll the symptoms of this sickness. stay with us. [ female announcer ] what's so great about jcp cash? no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty five storewide. and, unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make it affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty five storewide. and, unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make it affordable, you make it yours! jcpenney. >>> a drug resistant superbug is causing concern at some california hospitals. health officials say more than 350 cases of the potentially fatal bacteria known as crkp were reported in l.a. county during a seven-month period just last year. crkp is spread p
in japan today about radiation levels in the sea water off the coast of the damaged fume sheem ed fukus plant. investigators are trying to determine if there's a leak at one of the reactors. >>> and two weeks after a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami in japan, the death toll is topping a grim milestone. more than 10,000 people are dead, 17,000 others are still missing. >>> a massive protest turned violent in london today. dozens of people were injured, including five police officers. tens of thousands of demonstrators madder through the city to voice anger over budget cuts, which includes slashing government jobs. >>> and a witness whose testimony helped conflict american amanda knox of murder in italy today gave conflicting stories in court. knox's attorneys say that raises questions about the witness's credibility. knox and her former boyfriend were convicted of killing knox's roommate. both are appealing those convictions. >>> accused cop killer jamie donald hood is in jail today. he surrendered to police in athens, georgia, late last night after a lengthy hostage standoff. hood
including what's going on in japan. joins us now from new york to tell us what's come up at 7:00 on "gma." . >> that's right. good morning, janelle. coming up on the show, we'll have the latest on the major setback in japan. japanese power company officials say they knew about extremely high radiation levels before three workers suffered severe burns. we'll have more on the new details coming up in the show. also ahead, a new warning about artificial food coloring. the government says it may worsen hyperactivity in some kids. and now the f.d.a. is looking to taking action. plus new research shows that 51% of americans over the age of 12 are on facebook. we'll take a look at how the social media giant is changing the way we communicate. and incredible images of a man who spotted a massive shark and unlike everyone else and everything else we do, instead of turning away, he decided to grab his kayak and paddle out for a closer look. we'll talk to him later on this morning in this show. it's pretty incredible. he went out towards the shark and lived to tell about it. >> we wish you were he
festival because of the devastation in japan. last week, hundreds took part in a candlelight vil vigil. a lot has happened over the ensuing 99 years. this annual blooming significesa peaceful state of relations. >> you do get that sense, very serene, beautiful. >> is it everything you expected? >> it is more, really gorgeous. >> reporter: we are getting the organizers of this year's festival say they expect the peak period to be sometime between march 29th and april 3rd so you still get time to get down here and see the peak of all of this. another annual event is a yoga demonstration, over by the sylvan theater. this year, it is done by the folks from the lululemon store chain, doing it in memory of jayna murray shall the lululemon employee that was killed by a co-worker. the festival kicks off later today over at the national building museum where there will be dignitaries, local and international. mayor gray and other family events, 400 free events surrounding this year's festival. live on the tidal basin. back to you. >>> hard to imagine they still haven't peaked yet. they look so
from japan as radioactive contamination may be worse than first thought. >> it sends a strong message that montgomery county juries will not tolerate repeat offenders. >> is a 99-year sentence for dui extreme? the details after this. >> unseasonably cold weather hangs through the weekend as the storm system brings the possibility of snow in the mid- atlantic and parts of maryland. right now, clouds, 40 degrees, 42 at the inner harbor. yep, you can get a great deal on every volkswagen, including the 2011 jetta. awesome. plus it's an iihs top safety pick. even better. but they're going fast. so, i guess this is where you tell me i got to hurry or it's gone right? yep. going going gone. get it? it's funny. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen going going gone event. hurry in, and for a limited time while they last, get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month. visit today. >>> a 99-year sentence for dui in texas. but here's the catch, it is not his first offense, it is his 16th. the latest caught on tape, stop by the police while he was weaving in his lane and a busted tail light. his blo
radiation from that crippled nuclear power plant in japan with even more people now being encouraged, not forced, to get out of the area. how great is the danger? >>> plus with hispanics making up 1 in every 6 americans and one in every 1 ever 4 children, the huge emphasis on the 2012 election. >>> finally, how does anyone who actually believes they have a chance of winning the republican nomination get heard when people like michele bachmann, sarah palin and donald trump are taking up the oxygen. >>> we start with what's next on the libyan front. nbc chief foreign correspondent d geis bghi, afr heldg up of da. whatapnetoy t ou ilia atoue en >> reporter: today we went out of benghazi. and instead of going to the rebel frontline about 100 miles south of here, we went to the frontline and then went around it. and we were able to get inside the city of ajdabiya. ajdabiya is partially held by gadhafi forces and partially held by the rebels themselves. there is street-to-street fighting in the city. in a way, this is progress, the rebels would not have been able to get this far if gadha
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at the national building museum. in attendance was the ambassador from japan and mayor vincent gray. despite the cooler temperatures, thousands flocked to the tidal basin. mike, how is it part? >> the sunshine today certainly help visitors stay warm, along with their coats and the players. with snow in the forecast tomorrow, it seems this is the call before the storm. >> it is so pretty, portis. >> thousands were drawn to the tidal basin. >> i think they are beautiful. >> the cooler weather caught a few visitors off guard. >> we were hoping that it was warmer. >> some decided to stay indoors. at the national building museum, the family day event featured arts and crafts, a celebration of japan, spring, and cherry blossoms. >> i like them because they are pink and that is my favorite color. >> children also left special messages at the japanese embassy. for every paper crane folded, $2 will be donated to disaster relief. >> it is good to know they will get money to repair the damage. >> this woman about to fold 100 cranes. >> anything we could do to help is phenomenal. >> some japanese groups
of iran and has ruled with an iron fist. >>> in japan tonight, the situation is grave and serious, according to that country's prime minister. the damage is more dangerous than they thought after a breach in the reactor. people living in 20 miles are urged to stay indoors or evacwait and the death toll has risen to 10,000. >>> tonight there's new reaction to the incident at reagan international airport admits he was sleep. this is new video of him leaving his home today. when asked for a comment, he declined. congress is calling for a full investigation. >> reporter: the reagan controller went silent for 33 minutes. he's been suspended from his job by the faa. >> i'm outraged. i want to know why this happened. >> reporter: so to congressman andy harris. the commission is planning a formal review. >> we have to make sure someone in the middle of the night doing an important job is awake. >> the 20--year veteran admitted he fell asleep just at 11:55 p.m. the pilot reached out to an air traffic controller 40 miles away. >> i called them on the commercial line and there's no answer. >
up. we're back moment. in a moment.  and an update on the disaster in japan. heartbreaking images of mass burials of families of earthquake and tsunami victims laid them to rest. it's custom in japan to crimate the bodies of the dead, but crematoriums are struggling to keep up with the death toll about at about 10,000 centers are not operating because of a lack of fuel or electricity. meantime, the threat of food and water shortages and dangerous amounts of radiation still loom. fox's dominic donatelli has the latest. >> reporter: the united states military is pitching in with efforts to get crucial freshwater supplies to the north end of the island. the u.s. navy has sent two naval barges loaded with 525,000 gallons of fresh water. meanwhile, the air force has sent 500 tons of bottled water aboard six c-130s to sendai, the people are desperate to get their hands on uncontaminated water there. the u.s. forces in japan are based -- and 20 miles west of tokyo, home to 3,600 servicemen who feel as much wrapped up in this disaster as japan's citizens. >> our hear
today." >>> it's 6:07 right now. now, to the disaster in japan. the country's prime minister is asking people to remain calm as the government deals with the growing radiation crisis. the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami two weeks ago heavily damaged the fukushima power plant. two engineers suffered radiation burns when contaminated water seeped over their shoes. authorities consider two of the six reactors safe. four others are still in question. plant workers say one reactor could be leaking high levels of radiation. despite the fierears, authoriti say there is not a risk of a wide-scale catastrophe. >> even in the worse case, we are unlikely to see a release of radiation approaching that of the chernobyl accident. >>> japanese authorities have been using seawater to cool the reactors but that is not ideal because it is core roe sieve and leaves behind salt deposits. the u.s. is sending 500,000 gallons of fresh water to help cool it down. >> president obama is said to speak to the nation monday night to discuss his decision for military operations in labia. he will speak at 7:30 from the n
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to see. >> how the earthquake in japan is putting the squeeze on >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> trying to cover places during the storm our coverage would not be possible without your pictures and video. now through you report many of you have shared with us incredible moments. tonight abc 7 has more pictures and some of the people who took them. when this tree fell on molly's white honda civic there was only one word that came to mind. >> wow. absolutely. nice thing to wake up to in the morning. >> she needed to vent, sending pictures to you reports. >> first car, it's in my name. it hurts more. >> the insurance adjuster came to her home. the tree was plant aid year before she was born. it's 26 years old. it has no hearts carved just memory autos i had garner take care of it. we've babied it. i thought it would be here longer than we would. >> apparently ways wrong. it decided to take a leap into my daughter's car. >> you report is a way for you, the viewer to show us what's happening through pictures or video any time anywhere. a huge tree fell in th
of the u.s. radiation warning systems. last week people worried about the possible fallout from japan's nuclear plant. one of the shutdowns was in california. four of the 11 stationary monitors was offline for repairs or maintenance last week. officials to not immediately say why but the monitor is one that killed levels of radiation reached the mainland. reportedly, note dangerous levels are reached the u.s. but lawmakers are safeguarding against future disasters. concern >> marty: of a cargo ship from a real but was close to depen japan. there are requesting additional screening even after several agencies no sign of radiations but still they are concerned about their safety of radiation. >> isabel: will update you on the budget battle the republicans >> marty: walnut creek rain-saturated. highway 6 80/24. we will be back. >> isabel: 7:for sex 746. the c h p are reporting spinouts. slick roadways >> marty: and how about some changes in the forecast? >> yes. some of this ran is already becoming starting to stop. through san jose is getting the worst of it. still, one-two hours of
the damaged fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant in japan. there's word that the core in reactor three may be leaking radioactive material. that means a containment vessel could be cracked. that's what stands between the nuclear core and a large scale release of radiation. much more on that, coming up. stay with us. and here's where the diet stuff happens. like the other stuff, diet snapple has healthy stuff. [ horn honks ] and tasty stuff. we just took out the calories and stuff. so who comes up with this stuff? i do. ooh! now who wants some free stuff? [ all ] me! snapple. the best diet stuff on earth. >>> word today from the top commander of the u.s. operation in libya, that nato will take over the mission. general carter ham said the transition of the no-fly zone will happen this weekend, and nato has agreed in principle to also take command of the broader mission of protecting libyan civilians. so what's that transition going to mean? joining us live from brussels, international security correspondent paul newton in tripoli, david kirkpatrick. and in los angeles, former nato supreme a
,000 people there. meanwhile in japan, another set back in the effort to control the japanese doubled fukushima plant. there are high levels of radioactive elements in the water there. there is more efforts to pump fresh water in the reactor there. dominic? >>reporter: uma, that's right. u.s. forces and japan getting involved. the navy has two naval barges loaded with 550,000 gallons of fresh water to be pumped in the plant. they are making it up to deliver the water. the united states air force is using c130 to deliver 500 tons was freshh bottled water up to sendai, close to the plantt where there are difficulties getting uncontaminated supplies of water and helping out the public there. the air force based out of the air base west of tokyo, home to 306,000 servicemen who are caught up in this as much as the japanese citizens. >> japp -- japan is our ally and our home. when something happen to japan and we are able to help we are glad to. we raised our hands to say yes, we can help you out. >> the utilit company said the water is contained. but the government is not sure if they are
of the societal dysfunction in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. >>> a possible breach in japan's nuclear reactor. that is later in the program. but first, some republican presidential hopefuls take an early strip to iowa. >>> iowa's first in the nation presidential race intensifies this weekend. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron reports six republican hopefuls are attending a forum by iowa congressman steve king designed to showcase their conservatism. >> it's been solidly conservative in the past. the question is who can protect their philosophy agenda and personality with the broadest number of the activists. >> iowa republicans predict record turn-out 2012. this weekend will mark governor haley barbour first cattle call this year. he needs strong iowa showing and his must-win as a southerner is south carolina. >> former house speaker newt gingrich is also here and his iowa backers says he knows he must finish among iowa top three to have a real shot. social conservative decided the caucus for decades but the tea party are making fiscal conservatism more important in
... radiation concerns heightened at the fukishima nuclear plant in japan....what some workers discovered --- and what happened to them ... 3 air traffic contrrl procedures are being reviewed nationwide.. after a a shift at washingtor reagan international. patrice harris tells us the employee might have been overwo. overworked. = the sole air traffic conttoller on duty at reagan national airport on wednesday morning told feeeral investigators that he fell asleep for a period of time during his shift. he's not being identified.. but we know he's a supervisor with 20 years experience, 17 right at reagan national airport. he's been suspended during the course of this investigation and was given an drug test. he told investigators this was the fourth consecutive overnight shift he was working anddnow hummn fatigue issues are being looked into. still the chief of the f-a-a is steamed about the airline pilot i've never seen anything haapen like this. i'm outraged by it, we're going to have an investigation and we're going to get to the bottom of it, we're going to find out
but it should also detect fall out from the nuclear disaster in japan. an epa spokesperson says the sensors make regular automatic reports but that the data has to be reviewed by human experts before it is released. a process that can take several hours. >>> at the port of oakland today, the coast guard said it saw no cause for concern when a container ship arrived that had been in japan for three days after the start of reactor problems there. all containers arriving in oakland are routinely scanned for radiation. >>> in japan today there is no word on the condition of two reactor workers who suffered radiation burns. a nuclear agency spokesperson says those burns are evidence that radiation is likely leaking from the core of the damaged fukashima reactor number three. but they don't know yet how bad that breech is. word tonight is the temperature is stable and too low to melt fuel rods. >>> the recent storms have almost completely washed away an attraction in golden gate park that was already in need of help. ktvu's rob roth shows us now the new need, the new effort needed to save this decades
last name wasn't her problem. 3 more countries are banning some food from japan --- and now there's word that the nuclear crisis may be worse than expected.. expected.. as japanese breach in the coreeof reactor unit 3. two workers discovered water á10-thousand timesá more radioactive than levels found in water in áorá around a typical reactor. the contaminated water left burns on their skin. "the current condition of fukushima nuclear power plant does not allow any optimism yet. we will do our utmost to prevent the situation from deteriorating furtherr" further." here in the u-s --- small traces of radiation have now beennpickkd up in colorado and oregon -- along with other western states.but analysts say the amounts pose absolutely no threat to public health. the arthquake and tsunami in japan may affect the ácolorá of car you can gets pigments for black and red paint from japan.the company haa asked dealers to stop taking orrers for those colors. the forecast sounds like it belongs in february... not march marchmeteorologist emily gracey is back w
the country in what he calls safe hands. >>> a stunning new development in japan as the country continues to recover from the disaster. high levels of radio activity in sea water near a disabled nuclear reactor at the fukushima nuclear plant. and workers are injecting the reactors with fresh water. they are concerned that the salty sea water could be corrosive. navy barges are helping bring in more fresh water. >>> the official death toll at 10,151. more than 17,000 people are listed as missing. >>> adrian among is covering the latest from seoul, south korea. good morning. what is the latest on the effort to try to get racrsnjte wi fsh opo to sea water? >> reporter: good morning, alex. the workers back out it all day today in japan, trying to cool down the reactors. they have, as you said, been using fresh water over the past couple of days instead of saltwater. yesterday, working on reactors one and three, and today they concentrated mostly on reactor two. they switched to fresh water because of concerns that salt and other contaminants might correspond rode pipes or otherwise coat the r
efforts in japan. born than 1 million people are expected to check out the trees tuesday-friday. >> your 11 insta-weather + forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> a little snow gets in the cherry blossoms, it will add it to the lightness of the trees. i am trying to put a good spin on what is coming. in baltimore, we are not seriously threatened. most of this bill passed to the south. right now, beginning to see some high clouds come in. you can see on the satellite imagery, extreme southwest virginia, sums -- some sure our activity. that is right at the moment because temperatures are above the freezing point. by the time this moisture gets their baltimore, are temperatures will be closer to freezing and any precipitation will have to drop a few more degrees. let's check out what happened today so far. with below average for the season. typically 57 would be the high and we are limited to 46 at the airport and 47 at the inner harbor. the airport got down to 28. today was very similar to yesterday as far as the way the brain waves. indianapolis, easton, 42-43. parkton 39, westminst
to the fallout from japan. no dangerous levels of radiation have been detected in the u.s. from the earthquake damaged fukushima plant but four of california's 11 monitors were off line for repairs or maintenance last week. in japan, u.s. naval barges carrying fresh water are heading to the nuclear plant to help workers remove water that is contaminated with dangerously high levels of radiation. japan's nuclear agency says radiation in the seawater just off shore of the plant spiked to more than 1,200 times higher than normal. experts are still trying to determine whether there's been a breach in one of the reactors. the earthquake and tsunami has slowed down production and shipping of japanese goods that come to the u.s. so much so that this tanker from japan was the first to arrive at the port of oakland yesterday since the disaster two weeks ago. abc 7 reports on the economic impact ever since. >> after china and south korea, japan is the third largest exporter of containerized goods to the united states. things like cars and auto parts and electronics. these are the people that move those
of oakland and whether and brought radiation from japan. the department hazardous materials response team screened the ship early this morning after longshoremen said they were afraid radiation could be inside containers aboard that ship. tests done on friday morning by the coast guard also showed there was no radiation onboard, but the longshoremen who work on the ship are not convinced and say they will not go back to work until more tests are done. >> this is the first vessel that comes from japan since the nuclear accident over there and the fallout. this is more of an occurrence as more ships come over. we need to set a precedent bus this is a billion dollar industry. >> the ship departed 200 miles away from the crippled reactors in japan. the coast guard says people should not worry about radiation from ships that did not travel within 50 miles of those power plants. >>> this morning the u.s. navy is rushing to help cool the japanese power plant still at risk of overheating. these are pictures from the navy and they show the barges loaded with freshwater, water, headed towards the f
in japan have detected high levels of radio activity in sea water near the fukushim. workers are switching to fresh water because they say the salty sea water could cause corrosion. joining me live now, the executive director of food and water watch. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the things that make their ways into everyone's daily life. the vegetables, milk, and the like. how do we make sure that none of the contaminated food in japan ends up here in the u.s.? >> we need to do aggressive testing of food here in the united states and we need to make sure that the federal budget is not cut for our fda and usda inspectors. >> okay. and what about for the people in japan? they are right there front and center. we know that there is a lack of supply on a number of things from to the proper foods. what do they do? do they have any option other than to bury this stuff and deal with what little they have? >> no, they really could be potentially in trouble for a long time. some of the radio active isotopes that are being released will be around for 30 years. and really
said if he resigns the country may break apart. >>> from japan, troubling news from the earthquake zone where workers are struggling to cool the damaged fukushima daiichi power plant. high radiation levels found in seawater near the plant two weeks after the earthquake and tsunami struck. nbc's lee cowan has our story. >> reporter: with so much talk of the spike in radiation levels, the other spike in the death toll is sometimes lost. but it continues unabated. it is fast approaching 11,000 with nearly 18,000 still missing. at the fukushima nuclear power plant the u.s. is shipping in hundreds of thousands of gallons of freshwater to help cool the reactors. a better alternative engineers say than injecting salt water. but all of it has to drain somewhere and the government now says it may have made its way back out to sea. radiation readings in water near shore have registered 1,000 times greater than normal. japanese officials though are quick to point out that it is still within safe limits. but were angered by news that the plant's owner tepco knew radioactive water was gathering in o
government. back to you. >> arthel: let's go to japan. latest in a nuclear crisis there. there are new tests showing radiation levels in the sea water near the crippled fukushima plant. there's a new spike in radiation. dominic is streaming live from osaka, japan. >> it looks like we've got a leak at reactor number 2. they're not entire leisure where it's coming from, but they believe it could be coming from the piping system that is part of the cooling system. they're trying to get it back on-line. they did test near some regular drains that come out of the hole plant and found that the levels were 1250 times higher than safety levels and they are now concerned where precisely that could be coming from. they thought they were beginning to contain the situation. on top of that, they are findings that highly radioactive water in more than one core now in these pools and in the turbine rooms which they also need to get back on-line in order for the cooling systems to be working properly at all and they're hoping over the weekend. they'll find the source of both these two issues. meanwhile, th
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